[ Filipino Food ] Chicken Recipe : Sinampalukang Manok "Chicken in Tamarind Broth"

Sinigang is a comfort Filipino food that has probably become one of the favorites of every Filipino. This dish has a sour soup base making it, without a doubt, a favorite given that most Filipinos love sour foods.

In fact, in almost every part of the Philippines, there has to be a different version of sinigang which is mostly influenced by the availability of ingredients.

Today, we will be learning my own version of one of the more popular variations of sinigang here in Luzon -  Sinampalukang Manok.

1/2 kilo Chicken (manok)
1 1/2 Cup Tamarind Leaves (dahon ng sampalok)
1-2 small bundle of String Beans (sitaw)
1 small Ginger (luya)
1 medium-sized Onion (sibuyas)
4 big cloves of Garlic (bawang)
2 medium-sized ripe Tomatoes (kamatis)
3-5 Green Chili
1-3 Chili (siling labuyo) - optional
1 Knorr Chicken Cube
1 Knorr Sinigang Mix


A. Preparation of Ingredients

1. chicken - cut into small pieces (1/2 kilo = 8 - 10 pieces)
2. tamarind leaves - remove from stalks (if hard)
3. string beans - cut into 3-inch small pieces
4. garlic - mince or chop into small pieces
5. onion - cut into quarters
6. green chili - cut into one-half cross-wise
7. ginger - chop into small pieces
8. tomato - cut into quarters

B. Cooking

1. boil chicken to clean and minimize cholesterol
2. place pot on medium heat
3. saute garlic, ginger, onion and tomatoes
4. add the chicken and season it with salt
5. saute chicken with chicken cube
6. if chicken is nearly cooked, add water, then allow to boil
7. add knorr sinigang mix, tamarind leaves, string beans

C. Serving Suggestions

The whole recipe can serve 4-5 people. One big bowl of serving with 4-5 chicken slices is good for 2-3 people. Best served with steam rice.


Alternatives for an all natural cooking 

1. chicken cube - create broth from boiling chicken bones
2. sinigang mix - add tamarind fruit or add more leaves
3. chicken - use native/black/free-range chicken

Alternatives for an alternate version

1. sinigang na may gabi mix -  thicker soup consistency
2. native chicken - different chicken flavor and texture


This dish is actually not expensive to prepare. The total budget for the whole recipe ranges between Php 100 - 120.

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