[ Filipino Food ] Chicken Recipe : Sinampalukang Manok "Chicken in Tamarind Broth"

Sinigang is a comfort Filipino food that has probably become one of the favorites of every Filipino. This dish has a sour soup base making it, without a doubt, a favorite given that most Filipinos love sour foods.

In fact, in almost every part of the Philippines, there has to be a different version of sinigang which is mostly influenced by the availability of ingredients.

Today, we will be learning my own version of one of the more popular variations of sinigang here in Luzon -  Sinampalukang Manok.

1/2 kilo Chicken (manok)
1 1/2 Cup Tamarind Leaves (dahon ng sampalok)
1-2 small bundle of String Beans (sitaw)
1 small Ginger (luya)
1 medium-sized Onion (sibuyas)
4 big cloves of Garlic (bawang)
2 medium-sized ripe Tomatoes (kamatis)
3-5 Green Chili
1-3 Chili (siling labuyo) - optional
1 Knorr Chicken Cube
1 Knorr Sinigang Mix


A. Preparation of Ingredients

1. chicken - cut into small pieces (1/2 kilo = 8 - 10 pieces)
2. tamarind leaves - remove from stalks (if hard)
3. string beans - cut into 3-inch small pieces
4. garlic - mince or chop into small pieces
5. onion - cut into quarters
6. green chili - cut into one-half cross-wise
7. ginger - chop into small pieces
8. tomato - cut into quarters

B. Cooking

1. boil chicken to clean and minimize cholesterol
2. place pot on medium heat
3. saute garlic, ginger, onion and tomatoes
4. add the chicken and season it with salt
5. saute chicken with chicken cube
6. if chicken is nearly cooked, add water, then allow to boil
7. add knorr sinigang mix, tamarind leaves, string beans

C. Serving Suggestions

The whole recipe can serve 4-5 people. One big bowl of serving with 4-5 chicken slices is good for 2-3 people. Best served with steam rice.


Alternatives for an all natural cooking 

1. chicken cube - create broth from boiling chicken bones
2. sinigang mix - add tamarind fruit or add more leaves
3. chicken - use native/black/free-range chicken

Alternatives for an alternate version

1. sinigang na may gabi mix -  thicker soup consistency
2. native chicken - different chicken flavor and texture


This dish is actually not expensive to prepare. The total budget for the whole recipe ranges between Php 100 - 120.

What's the difference between VEGAN and VEGETARIAN?

This week most of our food features will be about restaurants serving vegetable dishes, and I think that it will be just appropriate for us to enlighten our readers that...

"not all vegetarians are vegan"
(some people use these terms interchangeably)

VEGETARIAN prefers vegetables (and anything produced by plants) over meat (or any product coming from or produced by animals).


1. Lacto-Vegetarian includes dairy products in the diet.

2. Ovo-Vegetarian has eggs in diet.

3. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian is a diet that combines the first two. Diet includes animal/dairy products.

4. Vegan only eats vegetables and other plant by-products because veganism believes that man should live without exploiting animals. 

Dietary Vegan only applies the philosophy in the diet. On the other hand, Ethical Vegan extends the philosophy in the whole lifestyle.

Raw Vegan is a variation of vegan which prefer to eat raw plant products or (in some case) can be cooked up to a specific temperature.

5. Fruitarian is also considered vegan, but the only difference is they only eat plant matter that can be harvested from the plant (such as fruit, nuts, and seeds) without harming or killing the plant. 

Note: Vegetarians need supplements to get other essential nutrients that are not available in vegetables.

Actually there are more variations to a vegetarian lifestyle, but I will be leaving it up to your curiosity to learn more about it.

NamNam: Giving Comfort to Every Filipino

"The family that eats together stays together."

A family dinner would have to be the most important meal for a Filipino family. It is an avenue for each to share their own experiences. Sharing is an activity that can strengthen relationships.

Dinner would have to be the cheapest, but is definitely the ultimate bonding experience any family can have. May it be inside your home or at a new restaurant that can guarantee you a new dining experience that you can share with your family, or even friends.

In planning that next family dinner, I would recommend (with conviction) that you try one of the newest restaurants in Greenbelt 2. Namnam: Comfort Filipino is a restaurant that serves comfort filipino food that your family will surely love.


Sisig, without a doubt, is one of my favorite filipino dishes. I would have personally preferred this dish to be spicier, but I think people in general will really love the sisig from Namnam. Every piece was absolutely crunchy and flavorful.

Who says Salad is not a filipino food? The "Ensaladang Pako" of Namnam is a regular Arugula Salad infused with Salted Egg and Tomatoes (Filipino version of salad) to make this dish 100% Filipino.
Bangus Belly alone is a very delicious dish, but Namnam made it even better with their "Overloaded Bangus Belly" by overloading it with fried garlic and spring onion toppings to give your regular bangus belly a different kick and burst of flavors.

"University Fried Rice" is Namnam's version of an all time favorite filipino breakfast Sinangag at Itlog.  This dish is most appropriate for breakfast,, but to be honest I enjoyed this dish even better for dinner in Namnam.

"Caramelized Patis Wings" is Namnam's version of Chicken Wings. This dish brings you to an  experience on a whole new level. I can't see this dish having some leftover meat after chowing down every bit of it. It's sweet flavor with hints of spiciness and saltiness goes deep in the chicken meat. I must say this dish really lives up to the saying "Sarap to the bones".

"Sinigang Short Rib Beef with Watermelon" is included in Namnam's Twists Menu (apparently because of the watermelon). Other than loving everything spicy, I also love food which are sour, and among the long list is Sinigang. This dish did not really meet my standards in the sour department (don't worry I'm always on the extreme side of things), but I must admit the soup gave me a comforting feeling and the beef was really tender.

Namnam's Pancit is on the saltier side, but I personally would want it that way. Its saltiness will really compliment well with the vinegar that they have. The egg on top was an interesting addition to this dish.

Aside from the food, I really love their options of shakes. Their shakes are a combination of 2 or more flavors. I ordered the color green one. You might be expecting this to be green mango, but actually its a combination of Camias and Lemongrass. The combination may sound weird, but this drink is actually very refreshing.

1228 Greenbelt 2, Makati, Philippines
Operation Hours: Monday-Sunday (11AM-11PM)

Visit them on their Facebook Page!

Moonleaf Tea Shop: Now Serving in Ortigas!

MOONLEAF TEA SHOP is one of the most in-demand milk tea brands in the Philippines!

Despite the emergence of other brands, Moonleaf remains strong because of the increase in the patronage of their products. Keeping up with the increasing demands, more branches are being opened to please its loyal customers and to also reach those who haven't had the Moonleaf Experience.

“We definitely wanted to expand our market. We saw that Ortigas is a definite place to share the Moonleaf experience – to have everyone in Pasig experience a different brew,” 

- Mr. Adrian Adriano
CEO - Moonleaf

Moonleaf Ortigas opened last Friday, March 8, adding up to a total of 40 branches all over the Philippines – 23 in Metro Manila and 17 in Provincial Areas. 

“We long wanted to have a milk tea store. We finally saw an opportunity with Moonleaf. We’re happy to put up a business we enjoy and see our customers enjoy with us.”

- Mr. Dolf Santiago
Branch Owner


The Grand Opening all in all was a success! A lot of netizens, luminaries and students graced the said event to enjoy their favorite milk tea drinks. Feeling very generous, Moonleaf even had a giveaway through their twitter and facebook page, giving away a total of Ten Moonleaf 2013 Planners and other freebies to all the winners.

Balloons and flowers accentuated the place giving us that festive feeling – all the more we enjoyed our milk tea drinks. Moonleaf had an unlimited photobooth set-up inside to capture the smiles and enjoyment of the customers who went to support the new branch.
An acoustic band serenaded the night while customers enjoy their milk tea.

Colored paper filled the board with messages from the customers.

Moonleaf is always ready to deliver your milk tea wherever in Ortigas.
Moonleaf Ortigas is the newest upscale haven for tea drink lovers to bond with friends and family. With its authentic Taiwanese quality drinks and an ambient sanctuary, it crafted the perfect Moonleaf experience for everyone. 

Unit 129 Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig
Operation Hours: Monday - Sunday (11 AM - 5 AM)

Visit them on their Facebook Page!

Paris Delice | Bread: Guaranteed 100% Fresh and French

Thinking of anything French, "bread" always comes to mind. It's not that  there's nothing more about France, but simply put I am a self-confessed Bread-Lover. In search of  everything bread, it lead me to a discovery, a place what I can call my little bite of France.

This morsel of France is not that hard to find as it is only located along Makati Avenue. In fact, it is popular to nearby offices, most especially to those who eat salad or sandwich for lunch. Foreigners from nearby hotels also frequent this place for their daily serving of bread.

Paris Delice takes pride in its bread which are guaranteed 100% baked fresh daily and 100% French with all its ingredients coming from France. In fact, the bread is 70% partially baked in France before delivery here in the Philippines where it is completely baked fresh. Why? It is the only way to achieve an authentic French Bread.

Believe it or not, Paris Delice may look like a cafe to us Filipinos, but actually it is a complete replica of what a fast food would look like in France.


It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon when I visited Paris Delice with my family and food blogger friends. We were actually there for a food tasting event organized by my brother who happens to be a food blogger also. Thibault, one of the owners, and the Chef were the ones who entertained us when we arrived. We had some little chat time before the actual food tasting commenced.
First off, we were given an option of either the French Onion Soup or Cream of Tomato Soup as an appetizer. I chose the French Onion Soup because personally I like onions and prefer my soup on a saltier side which is perfect for the complimentary bread that comes with it. I also had a chance to taste the Cream of Tomato Soup, but still I prefer this one.
The next dish they had us tried were their salad options. There were four kinds of salad available in their menu, namely Roma Salad, Tagaytay Salad, French Salad, and Pinoy Salad. I chose  the Pinoy Salad for the reason that it has tuna in it. This salad composed of shredded tuna, tomatoes, grapes, egg, cashews, and romaine lettuce.
We also tried their sandwiches which are the best-sellers. There are four options, and I chose the L'Italien. It is a parma ham sandwich with tomatoes, onions, and romaine lettuce. The other options were Le Lillois, L'Atlantic, and L' Europeen.
Next, the Chef had us tried only four of their pasta dishes. I chose to perthe Poulet Au Pistou since Pesto had always been my favorite when it comes to pasta. Nothing goes wrong for me when it is Pesto. If its pesto, then its delicious for me. The other three options were


As embarrassing as it may seem, I must admit that it is my first time to actually taste Macarons. I can't really critic on how it tasted as I have nothing to compare it with. All I can say is that its sweetness was too much for me, but probably it is how it should really be.
I did not have a chance to actually taste their Nutella Beignet, but looks can actually speak for itself. This pastry resembles a doughnut. Kids will really enjoy this because of the Nutella on its center.
The one I have been waiting for, the opportunity to taste their freshly baked breads. There were five kinds of breads served on the plate. The breads were Pain Au Raisin, Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Chausson Aux PommesTriange Aux Amandes. Each bread was


Their drinks are always ready to go. All of the drinks are packed in cups and displayed on a refrigerated shelf where customers can grab one and pay over the counter.

Afternoon at Paris Delice was 100% Satisfactory. I will definitely drop by whenever I visit Makati. I will be looking forward for another bite of freshly baked bread.


1 Juno Street corner Makati Avenue, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operation Hours: Mon-Sun (7AM-10PM)

Visit them on their Facebook Page!
Disclaimer: The ratings are only applicable to the 
general target market of the restaurant!

Food | 4 | Price | 4 | Service | 4

What's Next in BGC: Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge

As if eating at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery wasn't enough, the same group of bloggers are set to try a different restaurant at Bonifacio Global City on the very same day. I commend the bloggers for having quite a big appetite.

Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge was our next destination, and to prepare ourselves for another set of food we decided to go there by walking to at least make up some space. That was about 2 km which was good enough to burn some of what we eaten. We don't want to waste this opportunity by eating on a full stomach.
We were welcomed at the restaurant by the chef himself, Chef Benjo "Benny" Tuason. His welcoming smile assured us that what we were about to partake are top notch dishes created by himself.

While waiting for the food, he stayed with us at the table to entertain our questions about the restaurant and himself. Chef Benny actually co-owns the restaurant along with some business partners. They opened their restaurant more than a year ago. Initially, Relik served as a bar while the kitchen is not yet complete.

If I had known that its called Garlic Shrimp Quesadillas before I even had a bite, I will definitely pass the opportunity to try this dish. I am not fond of shrimp dishes, but I did not regret the chance of tasting this dish as it was delicious (it did not have a strong shrimp smell that gives me headache).
Tasting Board is a dish with different appetizers served on a chopping board.
The thing I like with their Roasted Pumpkin Soup is that the soup was thick and creamy. This soup somehow helped me regain my appetite after feeling full from our previous food tasting.

Mother Ann's Braised Ox-tail met my expectations basing on its looks and smell. The dish was very savory and I enjoyed it very much. I just can't have enough of its sweet flavor.
Relik Mixed Paella looks very festive with all the different ingredients contributing a different color to the dish. Everyone can enjoy this dish in many ways depending on the what you had in your spoon. Seafood lovers can enjoy this dish by eating a spoonful with the shrimp. Meat lovers can enjoy too by having a spoonful along with their favorite meat ingredient.
Cochinillo was a jaw-dropping moment for me as it was served on the table. I must admit that my brain told me that I was already full, but my stomach somehow made room for this irresistible dish. I would not want to miss a chance to try this dish. It is definitely a must try!
I really like the Beef Tenderloin Salpicao here in Relik because the meat was really tender.
Chorizig is a sisig dish added with chorizo. Chef Benjo Tuason is fond of making dishes with chorizo in it. In fact, he is planning on putting up a restaurant with dishes having the chorizo as one of the ingredients.


Vanilla and Amaretto Panacotta was heaven for my taste buds. It was the perfect dessert after going through the dishes.

Black Benny is one of the cocktail drinks available in the menu. Chef Benjo Tuason himself created this drink. He said that it is a tequila-based drink (if my memory serves me right).


2nd Floor, Commercenter Building, 31st Avenue corner 4th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operation Hours: Mon-Sun (11AM-4AM)

Visit them on their Facebook Page!

Disclaimer: The ratings are only applicable to the 
general target market of the restaurant!

Food | 4 | Price | 4 | Service | 4