Spotted at BGC: Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Our blog debuts with a spotting at Bonifacio Global City!

Bonifacio Global City has been one of the places here in Metro Manila that I wasn't able to really explore that much. There are only a few instances that I visited BGC, and most of it would be at the same restaurant.

Fortunately, yours truly, was included in the group of bloggers who were invited to do a food review at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery.
Our appointment was set at 10AM so I was not sure if we will be served breakfast or lunch. Fortunately, the restaurant owner wants us to try some of the dishes in their breakfast and lunch selections.

 A complimentary bread was given to us while waiting for the food. The butter cheese sprinkled with salt was perfect garnishing for the bread. Their Baguette are freshly baked everyday.


Arugula Salad (Php 330) was something new for me. I never had my salad with arugula leaves. Surprisingly, I like it better than the regular lettuce. The sunny side-up egg on top makes for a complete meal in itself less the carbohydrates. The complimentary bread makes up for the lack of the much needed carbohydrates if you will only have this ordered for breakfast.

Tartes Flambees (Php 475) became one of my favorites as soon as it was laid on the table. I was keeping my hopes high before I actually tasted the dish, but I was not disappointed by how great the dish was. It was like thin-crust pizza, but way better than the commercialized ones.
Parmesan Churros is a little bit oily, but it is tolerable. You would not even mind it as soon as you start to have a bite. This dish may taste like fries because churros are actually made from potatoes.
Eggs on Toast is the one to order if you are fond of eating only eggs and bread during breakfast. This dish is made much more delicious because of the parmesan cheese and the gravy.

Croque Madame ((Php 420) is my favorite among the breakfast dishes. It is one of the best-sellers they have. maybe because it is a complete breakfast meal already. All the components needed for a perfect breakfast is there - Brioche bread at the bottom then topped with ham, gruyere and finally the sunny side up egg garnished with chopped spring onions.
Barbara Manzke's German Pancakes may look like a very light breakfast, but it is heavy enough to keep you going before lunch. In fact, I have been seeing some of the customers sharing it with someone else, but of course they had ordered another dish to be shared. Not to mention, there is enough carbohydrates already with the complimentary bread. Surprisingly, this dish is not that sweet as it seems to be.
Kimchi Fried Rice is a perfect option for lunch at wildflour. The Kitayama Beef Flat Iron Steak cooked medium rare was perfect together with my favorite kimchi fried rice. The spiciness of the rice is just enough for those who are looking for a little kick of the spicy flavor. Personally, I wanted it spicier, but I guess my taste for spicy food is on an extreme level.


Bread Pudding is baked as you order. It takes 20 minutes to bake this dessert and is served hot on the table. This dish is complimented with a creamy vanilla milk that takes your dessert experience to a whole new level.
Panna Cotta in Passion Fruit Sauce had a tangy taste to it that I absolutely love. This dessert was very refreshing after eating all those dishes. I never had enough of this because it was simply delicious.
Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie is a very light dessert and is not heavy after eating a heavy meal.

After going through all those dishes, I can certainly say that my experience with Wildflour was a WILD one. Almost every dish served had eggs in them. I felt like I'm not going to eat another egg for the rest of the month. I was too full that I don't see my self eating another meal that day, but unfortunately surprisingly we were also invited to another restaurant within BGC at the same day. Relik Tapas Bar & Lounge is our next destination.


4th Avenue corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operation Hours: Mon-Sat (8AM-10PM) | Sun (8AM-4PM)

Visit them on their Facebook Page!
Disclaimer: The ratings are only applicable to the 
general target market of the restaurant!

Food | 4 | Price | 4 | Service | 4

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