Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue : Now Grilling in the Philippines!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is now grilling with its first branch in the Philippines at the Bonifacio Global City.

As a Japanese Barbecue Restaurant having hundreds of branches across 8 countries, it is about time that Gyu-Kaku steps on Philippine grounds. Filipinos have already embraced the concept of "yakiniku", that's why they already have an existing market here, but what makes it stand-out from other yakiniku restaurants is the use of charcoal in their grill which is actually something us Filipinos can relate very well.


Originating from Japan, the restaurant was created by the REINS International, Inc. which was originally established as Kokudo Shinpan Co., Ltd., a real estate business started in 1987. Entering the restaurant business in 1996 their first restaurant was called "Shichirin" which  eventually became as Gyu-Kaku in 1997 when the Gyu-Kaku system of restaurant operating techniques and methods were developed by Rex Holdings Japan, one of the largest restaurant operators in Japan. From then on, Gyu-Kaku sprouted hundreds of branches all over Japan. Eventually, Gyu-Kaku penetrated the world market with their first branch outside of Japan way back 2001 in the USA.

The name of the restaurant was taken from the Japanese word "Gyu-Kaku" which literally means "Horns of the Bull" to symbolize the restaurant's specialty in grilled meat dishes.

As a restaurant created by REINS International, Inc., the restaurant should follow the "Kando Sonzo" philosophy which means to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences. The World Group of Restaurants, a sister company of Bistro Group of Restaurants, acquired the franchise from Reins International Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore which handles the franchising of Gyu-Kaku outside Japan. As expected Gyu-Kaku here will follow the Kando Sonzo philosophy to maintain the standard of the restaurant.


Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant had a VIP Night last April 4, 2013 (Thursday). As one of the guests, I had the privilege to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony, the japanese traditional ceremony Kagami-biraki (Sake Barrel Ceremony), the restaurant blessing, and the throwing of the coins for good wealth.

Ribbon Cutting marks the official opening of the restaurant. The Grand Opening of the restaurant was set the next day April 5, 2013 (Friday). The Media Night was held the day before.

Officials had the privilege to perform the Kagami-biraki and had a toast of sake to celebrate the event.

Kagami-biraki which literally means "opening the lid" comes from the Japanese words Kagami which refers to "the lid" and biraki which means "to open".  This ceremony is believed to be the opening of harmony and good fortune since the round shape of the lid is a representation of harmony. Furthermore, Kagami-biraki is a ceremony performed in celebratory events in which a wooden mallet is used to break the lid of the sake barrel and the sake is shared amongst everyone.

A Blessing was conducted by the priest to pray for the blessing of our God Almighty to bless the restaurant with success.

Coins were thrown going into the restaurant from the entrance to invite good wealth and keep money flowing into the restaurant.


Gyu-Kaku, though known to be a Japanese Barbecue Restaurant, actually offers several dishes which are Korean. The addition of Korean Food in their menu actually increases its appeal to many people.


While waiting for the program to start, Gyu-Kaku served us with Crispy Pork Belly. I was able to notice that the guests also enjoyed it as much as I did.

Gyu-Kaku also served the guests with Gyoza. The sweetness of the pork complimented really well with the dip.


Kimchi had frequent our dining at home lately, that's why I was thrilled that Gyu-Kaku also offers it on their menu. The spiciness of their Kimchi was somehow balanced by the bits of sweetness from the Sesame Seeds. 

Spicy Pickled Cucumber have my appetite really going with the my favorite combination of spicy and sour taste.

I forgot what this salad was called, but I am very sure that it is not the famous Horenso Salad (Spinach Salad with Sesame Dressing) which is a favorite in their branches. Nonetheless, this salad was rather simple (on how it looks), but it was certainly very appetizing because of the sesame dressing and garlic with the lettuce.

Assorted Meat Platter is a plate full of assorted raw meat. Customers will really be able to see how fresh the meats were and have an option on what meat they want to cook for preference.

As part of the Gyu-Kaku experience, you'll become the chef yourself by determining  on how cooked your meat will be. 

Garlic Prawn Foil Grill is another way to enjoy your favorite seafood on a grill. An ordinary prawn would be very easy to cook on a grill, but Gyu-Kaku wants the customers to experience it with more flavor by enclosing it on a foil with some garlic sauce, and then can be placed on the grill for several minutes to cook.

Assorted Mushroom. Unlike the Shabu-shabu where you can cook the mushroom on a griddle. Gyu-Kaku had its way of cooking mushroom by enclosing the mushroom along with the seasoning in an aluminum foil and placed over the grill for several minutes.

Milk Pudding was served first for our dessert. I like how the syrup was made out of Muscovado. The syrup along with the Soya Powder compliments well with the milk pudding.

Assorted Ice Cream were served for dessert. The four different flavors offer a different experience on your palate. Among the four my favorite one would have to be the second from the left because of its tangy citrus flavor.

A platter full of fresh fruit slices were served. Fruits play a big role in nutrition, that's why I was glad it is in their menu. A bite from each fruit will convince you that they are only using high quality fruits. You may find some of the fruits not that sweet, but personally I like mine that way, especially the apples which I prefer to have a tangy taste.

A variety of drinks can be ordered from their menu. I felt it was more appropriate for me to order their Sapporo Premium beer and the Sake which compliments well with the meat. 

Some of the other drinks that were also in the menu were Oolong Tea, a variety of different Sodas and a glass of either red or white wine.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue Restaurant is really something I can recommend to my friends and readers whenever they pass-by the Bonifacio Global City.

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